Preparation for Pregnancy

Preparation for Pregnancy


Optimise your body and mind for IVF and natural conception


We know that when it comes to advice on optimising your fertility the amount of information out there is overwhelming. It is often conflicting, confusing and can more stress to an already stressful situation.

This four-week FREE series aims to cut through all that for you. It covers all you need to know about what preparations can be done to optimise your health and fertility. This will be helpful whether you are trying solo or in a same sex or heterosexual couple. 

We have put this course together using all our years of experience in supporting and working with people who are trying to conceive. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we want this to be:

  • Practical
  • Achievable
  • Educational 
  • Empowering

Helping you feel more in control and with a clear plan on what you can do.

Preparation For Pregnancy Course Outline:

Week 1: TESTING: how and what you can investigate to support your health and fertility, where to go for testing, what to ask for and how to action a plan once you’ve found out more.

Week 2: NUTRITION: how to eat well to support egg and sperm quality and your overall health with Kirsty Harrison (Fertility Nutritionist)

Week 3: LIFESTYLE: practical tips on all the other ways you can optimise your health and therefore your fertility

Week 4: MENTAL HEALTH: way to support yourself, plus some practical stress relief techniques from Katy Ewan (Fertility Reflexologist and Fertility awareness trainer)

We will go live every Tuesday at 7 (starting Tuesday September 6th). To join us live or to watch on playback please register for your FREE place here.