Reflexology for fertility and women’s health

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and nourishing treatment that can be great for supporting IVF,  Fertility, Women’s Health and Pregnancy.


Reflexology with us is so much more than a foot rub!


Katy is our wonderful reflexologist, and with her you are literally in the very best hands. She specialises in reflexology for Fertility, Women’s Health and Pregnancy. She studied with Barbara Scott on her Reproreflexology training. Katy is also a Fertility Awareness Practitioner so she brings to treatment a detailed knowledge of fertility, menstrual health, tracking your cycle and maximising your chances of conception. Katy also co-hosts our podcast “Don’t Tell Me To RELAX”

Reflexology is available as a standalone treatment or as part of your treatment plan with us. Many people choose to have reflexology during the two week wait after IVF, when people want a break from needles.

If you’d like to know more about Katy, reflexology and why it works so well for supporting health, fertility and pregnancy, have a listen to our podcast episode.

How does Reflexology work?

There is debate on how it works but the theory that makes the most sense to us is that we have so many nerve endings in our feet that by working into them we can send signals back through the body to send blood, energy, oxygen to these corresponding areas. When you’re deeply relaxed, your nervous system can settle into its parasympathetic state, sometimes also called rest and digest. Through reflexology and the nurturing power of skin on skin contact you can enter this deep state of relaxation. Clients often say they enter a dreamlike state, leave the session floating out the door and have the best night’s sleep.

Regular treatment can help with:

  •  The return of absent periods
  •  The length and regularity of their periods
  •  Reduced pain with bleeds, endometriosis and PCOS
  •  Regular ovulation and understanding how to read their body for the signs of ovulation
  •  Insomnia and feelings of tired but wired
  •  Anxiety and stress during the two week wait
  •  Swollen ankles in pregnancy
  •  Inducing labour

Many of our clients use reflexology in combination with acupuncture, nutrition, fertility massage and herbs. As an integrated practice we can make sure you get the best all round care and support to optimise your health and fertility.

Reflexology with Katy can support IVF, Fertility, Women’s health issues, Pregnancy and Birth:

I had the most amazing reflexology treatment with Katy. I’m fussy AF when it comes to treatments and it was exceptional. If you want help with your cycles, fertility or pregnant (or like me want to chill out) then get booked in.From now on I will be basing my trips to London based on her availability”

Maisie Hill – author of Period Power